Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a procedure to help you save a tooth that might otherwise need extraction. It is usually needed when the pulp inside your tooth is irritated or infected. This may be caused by dental decay or a large, deep filling, trauma from a blow to the tooth, or constant grinding of teeth that traumatizes the tooth.

How is a Root Canal Done?

After giving anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding area, we carefully remove the diseased pulp and nerve in the canals of the tooth. The canals in the tooth are cleaned, shaped, filled and sealed. An antibiotic may also be prescribed if infection is seen in the surrounding tissues.

What Happens After the Root Canal?

A non-vital tooth is more brittle than a living tooth and can more easily fracture. We may recommend a composite (white) filling on a front tooth or a crown on a back tooth following treatment.

Following some root canals, especially of a front tooth, you may notice some discoloration of your tooth. This is not a medical concern, but it may be a cosmetic concern for you. Talk to us about options for improving the color for you.